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Peachworks Scheduling

Imagine spending less time on creating schedules and managing conflicts? What would you do with an additional 5-6 hours a week? The power of web-based workforce management…

Find out why over 700 employees recommend PeachWorks labor scheduling. Imagine a system where restaurant employees can view their schedules and manage availability requests from either the internet, email or mobile text messages. Employees log in using secure User ID’s and passwords to view posted schedules, request days off, set preferred shifts, update availability, and swap shifts with other employees. Employee scheduling requests are then sent back to the store manager for approval.



  • Overtime Rules
  • Shrared Employees
  • Mobile App for Employees
  • Shift Trades
  • Availability & Time Off
  • Labor Forecasting
  • Shift Break Rules
  • POS Integration
  • Reports
  • Mobile App

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