rewards management

Reward your guests for the specific behaviors you choose in order to drive revenue. At the POS, our software tracks and rewards in real time based on actual guest behavior. It also delivers up-to-date account information on both the POS cashier screen and the guest’s receipt. And at any time, the member can log in to his or her account online or use the app to check points or reward balance. Rewards are placed directly on the member’s account and are redeemable at the POS. There’s no need for paper certificates, and the delays and costs associated with fulfillment are removed.

Smart Phone app

Make it easy for your guests to locate your restaurants, identify themselves to the server, check balances, and redeem points and rewards. We’ve created the app - you simply add custom graphics. It includes several welcome screens, the ability to initiate an account, a store locator with map, an account balance screen, and push and pull messaging options.

designed for multi location concepts

integrated w/ pos
pos level lookup and redemption

Mobile APP 
Custom APP made for you customers

POs integration

POS activity is instantly captured on the member’s account upon checking in, when the card is swiped or after account lookup. Based on the business rules for the program, points are accrued and rewards and stored value redemptions are processed in real time.

rewards management
see your customers behavior & habits

With our industry-leading reward programs, email clubs, promotional engine, gift and comp solutions, and data insights, restaurants get the tools they need to compel guests to choose their brand first and more frequently. Everything we do, whether it’s continuously inventing new features or analyzing data to elicit actionable insight, is centered on the fundamental goal of creating loyal guest behavior

Paytronix understands the need to deliver a positive guest experience in every digital interaction with the brand, beginning with an integration to your POS system and extending to all guest-related systems and personal devices. Your guests will appreciate being able to interact with your reward and gift programs wherever and whenever the inclination arises.

Online Gift Cards 
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