Back Office Recipes

Create and maintain portion control recipes in the Menu Item Maintenance window. Recipes calculate food costs based on the latest inventory costing information. Recipes also allow DIGITAL DINING to calculate expected usage based on your sales and compares this with your actual usage, highlighting any variances

Batch and Sub Recipes

Many restaurants produce substantial amounts of sauces and other mixes that are then used in other recipes. Batch recipes accurately account for all of the ingredients that comprise a batch. Sub recipes help you maintain menu items by, for example, replacing three or four items in mixed vegetables with a single sub recipe.

Handheld Stock Takes

Use the same handheld PC that you use at the POS to take inventory. Let the handheld do the calculations for each of your item entry purchase counts, storage and usage units, or any combination. The handheld PC eliminates double-entries and greatly reduces data entry errors faster than ever before

special request
requests notes and preferences

edit table layout
edit floor plan right from pos terminal

key items
80/20 rule

transfer stock
transfer between locations


Key Features



Tracking inventory is too hard and takes too much time… not anymore! With DIGITAL DINING, menu items and their recipes are automatically reduced each time your server pays a guest check. Stock taking is simplified with printed forms that help you identify variances immediately and take corrective measures promptly. Ordering and receiving stock is even easier …Suggested reorders are saved for incoming invoices, immediately updating stock and calculating new costs. DIGITAL DINING provides the critical information you need to reduce waste, lower food costs, and increase profits effortlessly.

take inventory on ipad
take stock on any apple device

back office recipes
build recipes and costs in the office

batch and sub batch
produce batch recipes