Smart wait list

Freshtxt’s intelligent technology provides accurate wait times based on the status of your queue and seated tables. Mobile alerts allow you to notify guests by text or voice message the moment their table is ready

Fresh TXT - Waitlist APP



Multiple Devices

An iPad outside line busting, another one marking table statuses, and a PC at the host stand. Mix and match iOS, Android, Win, Mac, and more.

The Freshtxt app give you and your customers even more flexibility. Additional features include:

• Organizes waiting parties and provides detailed updates with one touch
• Innovative seating system to help hosts during the busiest parts of the day
• Online reservations with no per-head or per-party fees
• Enterprise analytics provide insight into restaurant traffic patterns

Easy reservations

Whether taken online, via mobile app, by phone or in person, all reservations are synced in real-time. And our reservation system is completely customizable based on your procedures.