Labor Cost Reports
POS & Back office Cost Reporting

Mobile Line Busting
line & drive thru mobile line busting

Time & Attendance
Time In/Out & Payroll Reporting

Combo Meals
Combine Like items for easy ordering

Kitchen Video
Kitchen Order display system

drive thru display
customer order confirmation

Save screen space by using the dual mode Counter Service POS. The POS has a full screen of prep items, a full order screen with 48 quick server keys, and the ability to access thousands of items at the touch of the screen. Use the “on the fly” video feature to reduce prep times, ensure flexible kitchen routing, and promote quality production.

suggestive selling
on screen suggestive up selling


Frequent Diner
Loyalty & Rewards

Key Features

A Quick Service POS needs to provide more than just Quick Service. From counter service to drive-thru you can order it, confirm it, bump it, park it, or pay it … We’ve designed the features for your operation!Combo meals made easy … DIGITAL DINING automatically recognizes the menu items and adjusts the price. Our “suggestive selling prompts” stimulate new sales and create coupons to bring ‘em back again. Lines too long? Cars backed up? Use DIGITAL DINING’s Handheld to “line bust” … Now that’s Quick Service!

Counter & Drive Thru