From tap rooms to sit down brewery service Digital Dining has you covered. Sales, Mug Club, Scheduling, cost controls and much more are a breeze with Digital Dining 

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Service Integrated Systems was founded in 1997 by a restaurateur for restaurateurs to provide unparalleled service and leading edge POS technology to the hospitality industry in West Michigan. Our goal has always been to provide the same high level of service, support and attention to detail for our clients as they provide for theirs. 
Integrated principles of Honesty, Creativity and Hard Work have allowed us to attract a client base comprised of some of the best managed hospitality organizations in our region.

With Heartland Secure, your customers won't have to worry about stolen card information. Combining three powerful technologies, Heartland Secure provides business owners with the highest level of credit and debit card security available to protect against card-present data fraud and credit card breach. This secure card processing technology will put you and your customers at ease.

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Systems integration and management is provided for clients in the four states surrounding Lake Michigan with our core area being the west coast of Michigan.

Mobile POS

DIGITAL DINING’s handheld solution will increase a restaurant’s overall performance, streamline its efficiencies, and thus increase profits. The wireless Handheld POS enables servers to take and fire orders in high volume venues without ever leaving the dining area or running to and from a stationary terminal. 

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EMV Secure Payment